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Bosch Throttle Bodies: Valve Assembly Removal

  Bosch throttle bodies have a number of parts that are easily swapped out like the motor, magnets, middle gear and the potentiometers in the cover. The hard part is the valve assembly. This is a pretty robust piece that probably doesn't need to be replaced but it houses the sensitive potentiometer fingers which can be worn and also damaged very easily. The simple way to remove the valve assembly is to knock out the plug at the end of the valve and press it out. That would work nicely except the plug is a one shot deal and is destroyed by removing it. As far as I know, there is no place to buy them. For the throttle body in the Ferrari 360, there's very limited access to the shaft from that position. Another way in: Pry off the cap.  To take the valve assembly out, another way was needed that wouldn't be destructive to the original throttle body. Before removing the valve plate from the throttle body, measure the distance between the top of the cover and the shaft on the va