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Ferrari 360/430 Spider Wind Stop Gaskets

The "wind stops" (metal frame, gasket, and thin screen) in the Ferrari 360/430 Spiders reduce the wind whipping in the cockpit of the car and add a nice distinctive touch. On some Spiders, the gaskets in the wind stops have deteriorated to the point of failure. This is rather unusual to see and I suspect that it's due to either some sort of detrimental treatment product being used (such as Armor All) to clean and shine them, or a material failure in some batches. I've made a number of sets of these gaskets as a learning experience and am offering them for sale. Some sets are better than others as I was learning how to make them. The defects are small bubbles and inclusions. If you need perfect, then please, buy the OEM frames.  The better sets are being sold first. Price per set: $300 plus shipping. Each set includes the three gaskets and three sheets of screening material. If interested, please contact me at: Installing the gasket in the frame

Ferrari 360 Throttle Body Adapter Kit

A Porsche Throttle Body in a Ferrari 360 Unfortunately for 360 owners, the OEM throttle body (Ferrari 171716 aka "throttle holder", Bosch 0280750038) is no longer available at any of the normal places. If you can find one, the prices are well north of $2k each. When the throttle bodies fail, Ferrari indicates both have to be replaced with new parts and for good reasons. To solve this problem, I created an adapter kit to allow a commonly used throttle body that's FUNCTIONALLY IDENTICAL in place of the unobtainable OEM part. This inexpensive throttle body (Bosch 0280750474) is used in dozens of Porsche models from years 1999-2016. It's a Bosch part, has the exact same mounting holes, same internal parts, same bore, and is identical except for the engine vent. The Adapter Kit consists of two adapter sleeves and two connector pipes. The adapter sleeve moves the engine vent from the throttle body to the sleeve, allowing the use of the commonly available throttle body. It&#