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Ferrari 355, 360, 550, 575, 612 Rebuild Water Pump

  I had a weird rumble and some dribbles out the weep hole of my water pump on my Ferrari 360 so while I was in there for a belt change, I decided to do the water pump rebuild. The water pump on a Ferrari 360 is unusual in that to repair it, the bearings and seal are replaced instead of just replacing the entire unit. Rebuilding the water pump isn't trivial. It requires some specific tools, like a press (2 ton minimum) and suitable dies (30mm socket worked for me) to press out the existing bearing and seal and install the new ones, and a Ferrari specific tool (PST-01) to install the seal.  The special tool is required because the seal (G in the diagram) has to be pressed into place on two surfaces. The body of the water pump and the impeller shaft. In between is a fragile seal made from ceramic and plastic that is easily deformed, crushed, broken, or shattered. The special tool keeps the stress off the seal and on the metal surfaces of the seal so that both are pressed down to the