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F360 Restoring Rear Glove Box to Original

The rear glove box in my Ferrari 360 Spider was destroyed by a previous owner who converted it into a tweeter. I received none of the removed parts when I purchased the car. There are two kinds of car owners in the world of classics and exotics. The first kind personalizes their car by doing custom modifications. The second kind buys these cars and brings them back to stock. I'm sure someone after me will undo what I've done. The rear "B" pillars had also been modified into a base speaker. I already found "B" pillars in Crema to replace that mess. To restore my rear glove box to original, I had to buy a complete unit from a breaker (on eBay of course). Finding a Crema colored unit proved to be impossible so after two years of looking, I bought the lightest color unit I could find, which was tan, and somehow turn it into Crema to match my car. Here's the starting point of this project. My rear glove box which had no guts at all, and the cover of the glove