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Ferrari 360 Front Challenge Grill Frame

  I decided to change out the front grills on my Ferrari 360 Spider from the stock to Challenge grills. The Challenge grills have a steel mesh to keep FOD out of the radiator cooling area, vs. the stock grills which just have some fins.  I managed to find both left and right grills on eBay for about $150 each and thought that would be the end of it. After installing them, it seemed like there was a part missing.  Checking the parts list, I found there's supposed to be a frame behind the grills (part #'s 66307300 and 66307400) to channel the airflow into the cooling duct for the radiators. Without the frame, air can spill around the duct and cause a loss of cooling flow. It's a large part with a maximum dimension about 15". I had a choice. Spend over $1000 and purchase new frames, if I could even find them, or make my own. I found a beat up frame on eBay for $80 and used that as a template. The eBay unit had most of the attachment tabs broken or missing but the frame it