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Six Months with my Ferrari 360

It's been six months now since I brought home my Ferrari 360. I've put over 750 miles on it in that time. Most of my driving has been around town with a few excursions on the expressway. I've driven the car every chance I could, which is any day that the weather is above 60 and the roads are dry. I've enjoyed owning the car for the most part. The frustrating thing about the car has involved the convertible top. It's a nightmare of microswitches and hydraulics and delicate fabric elastic straps. I've had three failures of my top in the few months I've owned it. The first was before I owned it. The previous owner had to fix that. The hydraulic ram that locks the top in place, which is at the very front of the car, failed and spilled hydraulic fluid all over the car. The second failure involved a crack that some previous owner had fixed. That "fix" failed right after I took my car off the trailer. Took me a few hours of messing around to fix th