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Ferrari 360 Spider Replace Main Cylinders in the Capote

According to the Ferrari 360 Workshop Manual, the main lift cylinders that power the capote require pulling out the "capote" cassette in order to access them. For an expert with all the right equipment, it could take 10+ hours to remove the entire convertible top assembly. And of course, another ten to put it back in the car. This write up shows that the task can be completed within the car. Please follow this link to the document. Ferrari 360 Spider Replace Main Cylinders (pdf) Author: Simon Newby

Ferrari 360 and 430 Spider Convertible Top Replacement

Author: Joseph Pavich With so many 360's and F430's coming of age and showing signs of wear due to time, we're all likely noticing some effects of a fading or failing convertible top. The cost of a replacement with OEM parts can be incredibly high considering the tops are only provided with some expensive frame components included and partially installed. However, for the careful and meticulous DIY'ers among us, replacing the convertible top along with headliner can be done using an aftermarket top of equal or sometimes better quality. This write up will hopefully help those that are attempting to install a new convertible top on a 360 or F430 for the first time. While I have installed various convertible tops before, this was my first F430. As such, the writeup represents what I've managed to learn during the procedure from a single attempt while having some background knowledge of the process in general. I hope it proves itself as a useful tool to others attemptin