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Ferrari 360 Heat Exchanger Failure Analysis

I've been examining a failed heat exchanger sent in by a fellow Ferrari 360 owner and it appears that the problematic side is from the oil and not the coolant, at least in this case. Three leaks were detected by running water from a hose through the oil side. I used a set of banjo bolts (M16x1.5) purchased on Amazon for $13 to connect to the oil side. In addition, the HE oil side appeared to be literally packed with debris. I haven't analyzed it yet but it appears to be more than just oil mixes with coolant. I removed one of the tubes that had a leak by using a tapered reamer on a drill press. The tapered reamer would be self-centering so I wouldn't have to be concerned with being slightly off center, which would be an issue with straight bit. The stops were set at a very conservative place and when I reached the stop, progress was checked and if no sign of cut through, lower the stop a bit and repeat. Once cut through was detected, and that was pretty easy to see, the HE w