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OBDII Reader Review

I've tried four scanners with my Ferrari so far: (in order of acquisition) 1. EOBD Facile (app based) with generic ELM327 dongle. Free with optional in-app purchase. 2. Autel AP200 (app based) with proprietary dongle. ~$70 from Amazon - supports one car type. 3. Launch Pros Mini (dedicated device) with proprietary dongle. ~$700 from Amazon. 4. Autel MS906 (dedicated device) with direct connection. ~$1100 from manufacturer. 1. EOBD Facile App and Generic ELM327 Bluetooth Dongle I really liked the EOBD at first. It can read both ECU banks and probably the TCU. I have a gated Ferrari 360 so no worries on that. It can't read the capote. The EOBD fell short there. I need to be able to see that system, especially live data. EOBD has the capability to record live data nicely and export it.  No active tests. The trouble codes I've seen from my 360 are shown as "unknown" with no descriptions. The EOBD Facile app comes recommended by Aldous Voice, a