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Make a Bosch Throttle Body Tester

Bosch throttle body for the Ferrari 360.  If you've got a Bosch throttle body (series 280 750 ---) on your car, and it isn't a Ferrari 360, then it's likely if anything goes wrong, or is even suspected of being wrong with your throttle body, you'll just replace it. They're inexpensive, typically under $150, and super easy to install. However, if you have a Ferrari 360 and suspect an issue with your throttle bodies (plural), then you're probably sweating right now. The stock of new OEM throttle bodies (aka holder) has been exhausted for years. There just aren't any more and there will likely never be any more produced.  Used throttle bodies are generally useless, due to the requirement that both units be matched. Unmatched units, as in one degrading faster than the other, result in trouble codes and limp mode. Luckily, the same exact innards to the 360's throttle bodies exist on quite a few other cars and these innards can be transplanted into the old 360