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Ferrari 360 Self-learning Cycle

   The Bosch M7 system, which is installed on the Ferrari 360 performs a "self-learning" cycle when the car is powered up after a battery shut off. This self-learning cycle calibrates all sorts of things that affect the operation of the car.  Here's what works for me: Self-learning of the Motronic ECUs works correctly when the intake air temperature is higher than 5°C (41°F). ECU Reset Turn battery switch to off. Wait 5 minutes or overnight for a comprehensive reset. Turn battery switch to on. ECU has been reset. ECU Relearning - Basic Turn ignition to position II and wait for the “Check OK” message to be displayed.  Wait 10 seconds and start engine. Let engine idle for at least 5 minutes. Window ECU Relearning Perform for each window: Open the window all the way, keeping window down button depressed for at least 2 seconds after fully down.  Close the window in one motion, keeping the up button depressed for another 2 seconds.  ECU Relearning - Comprehensive After complet