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Launch X431 Pros Mini "Disaccording"

I finally broke down and bought an X431 Pros Mini. Overall, a very nice looking and feeling unit with a nice case and a passel of ways to attach it to cars. I have an OBDII, so a lot of extra hardware there.
The installation went very well and everything updated properly. I tried doing a report on my 360 Spider and I got a weird message.

I've spoken English a long time and I can't ever remember using the word "Disaccording" before. Learn something new everyday. Or maybe it's a bizarre translation. Well, whatever. The device was broken and not working.
I did some searching on the internet and on the description for the X431 Pros Mini for one seller, it said if this was encountered, to do a factory reset and download the app again. Not very well explained.
First step is a factory reset. Typically, that involves holding down a combination of volume buttons and the power button when doing a cold restart. That wouldn't work with this device as there is no volume …

Ferrari 360/430 Spider Hardtop

Coryat Manufacturing Company LLC (CMC) has completed the prototype for a Ferrari 360/430 Spider hardtop. This hardtop will fit both 360's and 430's and accommodate a wide variety of window adjustments. Spider windows can be quite different in terms of height and rearward travel from one side to the other. The hardtop is adjustable to the car, so the car doesn't have to adjust to the hardtop. That way, the OEM soft top can still be used as normal.
The CMC hardtop comes apart at the centerline so that each half can be handled separately for easy installation, transportation, removal and storage. One person can install or remove it in a minute or two. It's very easy! Each side weighs about twenty US pounds so should not be too heavy for anyone.
Four points are used to secure the top. Two in the front attach to the existing latch points and two in the rear are latched to the roll bar. The latches are all custom built by CMC to respect your car with all its beauty. CMC lat…